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Moulds and Plastics

To manufacture inserts with conformal channels allowing for the optimization of the product quality andreduction of the injection cycle


To manufacturecomplex geometries without resorting to moulds reducing the number of manufacturing steps and development terms


To manufacture dental prosthesis with a constant level of quality, due to standardized processes and certified materials


To manufacture parts with complex shapes in a single operation, making your ideas come true.

Dimlaser manufactures metal parts for different lines of business, using Laser Melting Processes (Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing)

It provides innovative solutions for Moulds and Plastics, Jewellery, Dentistry, among others

Its motivated qualified team and state-of-the–art technology provide a set of services comprehending 3D part design, rheological testing and fluid simulation


Dimlaser values translate into creating innovative competitive solutions for its clients establishing with them close relationships, investing in its workers qualification and satisfaction and contributing to companies’ development


To transform ideas into products through the additive manufacturing of laser melting (3D printing) in metal, providing customized solutions


Dimlaser means to be recognized as a provider of value added technical solutions by its customers and to be present in their everyday lives