Establishing Partnerships with Customers has been in the DIMLASER's Strategy since it started. It has supported the development of pioneering solutions offered along the time: Hybrid Parts (CNC + AM), Rheology Simulations and Topology Simulations through a co-design approach.

Recently, for supporting its Internationalisation along Global Supply Chains like Aeronautics, Automotive, Aerospace, DIMLASER has been engaged in the development of a close ECOSYSTEM of SMEs sharing the same Strategic Vision and Operational Ambition.

We have started opening relations with Prime, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Contractors along its Chains for the supply of Turnkey Engineering and Products. We offer a Disruptive Solution by:

    • Reducing lead times; 
    • Reducing turnkey costs;
    • Enhancing the ability to customise;
    • Offering Economies of Scope.

    This Ecosystem associates the agility and low cost of selected SMEs covering the Engineering and Manufacturing of: Metal and Composites 3D printing, CNC high precision machining, IoT and Digital integration, Dimensional Control and Material Integrity.

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