July 2014


Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia Universidade de Coimbra (Faculty of Science and Technology University of Coimbra - PORTUGAL)

Mechanical Engineering Department

“Influence of processing conditions for selective laser fusion (SLM) on the mechanical properties of 316L steel”


Ana Cláudia Machado


Ing. Andreia Ferreira Nabais, DIMLASER, as vowel of jury

Key Objectives of the Study

  • The present study had as target the optimization of selective laser melting (AM Technology) processing parameters from characteristics of powder to strategies of growing of the specimen in 316L (AISI) steel.
  • Various processing parameters are selected, including the chamber atmosphere, particularly the presence of nitrogen directly increase the mechanical properties.
  • In this study, it was shown that, in general, all the mechanical properties, particularly Hardness Vickers (HV), of the AM products are superior to those obtained with the same product made from bulk steel 316L; its density, is close to 98%, usual for products of powder metallurgy.

Some Key conclusions

  • The values ​​of tensile strength and maximum deformation in specimens produced by SLM, similar to the values ​​measured by other authors, were higher than the values ​​of solid steel.
  • All components produced, regardless of the type and strategy selected, had densities between 91.8% and 98.5%, of the density of the powder.