Dimensional Control and Material Integrity

Modern industrial process requirements are achieved through a close integration with a metrology service.

Successful cooperative metrology includes various approaches for dimensional control, inspection and product development support.


Tomography is a technique for displaying a representation of a cross section through of a solid object using X-rays.

DIMLASER® uses CT applications namely for checking MATERIAL INTEGRITY, i.e.: porosity, density control and crack defect detection critical in aeronautic and aerospace AM, as well as thickness and conformal cooling channels verification.

Using CT we obtain a clean and very detailed 3D file of the part proving the control level and allowing further development and optimization for industrialization.

This technique offers powerful solutions for systems and analyses as shown in the following video:


3D Scanning is generally the first step in re-creating a rare restoration or replacement part. Also known as metrology, it is the ability to digitally capture a 3 dimensional image of a component.

DIMLASER® uses mainly the following technologies:

  • Laser Portable - used to capture outside part shape, both rough and detailed, up 3m range, a fast and used friedly system;

  • Photometry - used to capture outside part shape, both rough and detailed, large range;

  • Laser Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) - for high accuracy applications, mostly used on soft geometries parts;

  • Touch Probe CMM - very accurate, mostly used to extract profile and shape lines and form error.


The process of MI is used to measure parts in order to verify their dimensions and guarantee their functional quality. This is particularly the case for assembly components.

We use the following MI technologies:

  • CMM - Coordinate Measuring Machines;

  • Multisensor Vídeo-Systems;

  • Virtual measurements by using the result of scanning technologies such as CT SCAN, CMM SCAN, PORTABLE SCAN and others.

We can present the results graphically or through text information, giving an immediate understanding for approving and improving the part.

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