Dimlaser was founded in 2008, and brought to the market an innovative solution in 3D Metal Printing. 

Our name includes “Dim”, from dimension, plus “Laser”, referring to the technology we use.
We represent a new dimension is Laser Technology. 

What makes us different?

We produce metal parts using 3D printing. A green technology (when compared with traditional manufacturing) that stands out for allowing the creation of unique, exclusive, and complex parts.

Our Mission:

To turn ideas into products through 3D metal printing of customized solutions.


Our Vision:

We aim to be recognized as adding value to the technical solutions we offer our customers, and to be present in their daily lives.


Our Values:

To create innovative and competitive solutions for our customers, to work closely with our partners, to invest in the technical capacity and satisfaction of our employees, and to contribute to the development of the business fabric.

What are our advantages, and in which industries do we use this technology? 
Please visit our Industries and Technology pages.

What markets do we serve?

We are located in Leiria (central Portugal), a dynamic region with several well established industries, such as molds manufacturing, plastics injection molding, manufacturing of automotive parts, design, among others. This allows us to combine our technical, scientific and creative knowledge with the real needs of the market.

Currently, we produce for the Portuguese market and for some European countries.  

The flexibility of the Metal 3D Printing technology, combined with our team’s dynamism allows us to develop new and tailored solutions for several industries.

Because each part and each project are unique, we advise our customers and recommend the most suitable solutions for each part.

Give shape to your ideas with Dimlaser! Be one of our case studies!




With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Andreia focuses on method, accuracy and efficiency.

Always looking for new and effective solutions, Andreia found in Laser Metal Fusing technology an innovative way to revolutionize the 3D printing market.

Her entrepreneurship stems from her strategic vision but, above all, from her eagerness and ability to find the most advantageous, tailored, and innovative solutions for the market.